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This Woman's Work: Sharmaine Lovegrove, Publishing Pioneer

Sharmaine Lovegrove is the Publisher of Dialogue Books, the UK’s only inclusive imprint, part of the Little Brown Book Group and Hachette UK. Prior to going in-house, Sharmaine was the Co-Founder and Publishing Director of Dialogue Scouting, the UK’s first book-to-film-&-TV scouting consultancy, as well as being ELLE’s Literary Editor. Her path is drawn from all things innovative in storytelling and in 2008 Sharmaine set up her own bookshop as well as a creative agency in Berlin having worked previously in PR, bookselling, event management and digital consultancy. Home for Sharmaine has been South London, however, Sharmaine along with her husband and son, recently moved to South Bristol.

BB: In your own words, Sharmaine, what do you do? 

SL: I am a Publisher at Dialogue Books, my imprint at Little Brown, which was named after my bookshop in Berlin. My job is to have a vision and remit to find stories that will have an impact on our society through storytelling. As a Publisher, it is an honour to be heading a list of books and work with such talented authors.

BB: You have quite an unconventional career story - can you tell us more about your background and how you ended up as a publisher?

SL: It’s not as unconventional as people think, actually. I have always worked with stories, authors and readers. My commitment and path has never strayed from that. [For] over twenty years I have been a bookseller, literary publicist, bookshop owner in berlin, director of a publishing consultancy, co-founder and director of a film and TV scouting consultancy, literary editor at a fashion magazine and now i am a publisher. I have been working in my own lane for a long time and it suits me to find new challenges and strategies which keep me engaged with the business of publishing. My current role is incredible and I feel my experience in all of those roles has really prepared me to take on such a challenge.