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This Woman's Work: Charlotte Clarke, Boogiful Founder

Charlotte Clarke, 41, is an entrepreneur on a mission to help plus size people enjoy their bodies while learning about the safest and healthiest ways to lose weight, eat well and exercise. 

She’s the mastermind behind Boogieful, a London-based dance studio with a twist, which empowers and encourages its larger-than-life clients to get fit by providing a friendly and relaxed environment that’s free from judgment and stares.

BB: What was your motivation for launching Boogieful?

CC: Being a plus size woman myself, I got to a stage where I was uncomfortable with my size and didn’t really have the confidence to go the gym or a dance class. I started working out at home but I wanted to dance because that’s what I love. In my teens, I had qualified in tap and jazz, so I designed my own programme and started to notice a difference. Then I started to think that this might actually help a lot of people who are bigger, because the issue with plus size women is motivation over a long period of time, as it’s not possible to lose a lot of weight in a few weeks, so you have to find something that you’ll stick at. I spent a bit of time studying while I continued working full-time as an administrator and learned how to be a dance fitness instructor in about six months.