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The Black Women Who Defined Lovers Rock In The 1980s

Lovers Rock, a genre of reggae well-known for its romantic sound and lyrics, was played throughout a majority of my childhood. I remember waking up on a Sunday morning hearing my mum blasting out her favourite songs whilst doing her weekend routine. I’m sure many Caribbean millennials can probably relate to this.

There were two key components that were always present when my family would all get together for a celebration: rum and good music. I would spend hours on end watching my mum and aunts dance around the living room blurting out lyrics to classic Lovers Rock anthems. As I got older I grew an appreciation for this music and I may or may not have some of these classics on my Spotify playlist! A few years ago, I attended Lovers Rock Monologues and watched as the audience laughed, sighed and re-lived their youth whilst reciting every last lyric.