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"To Let Our Feelings Get In The Way, How Could We Do That To Our Daughter?" Sasha Ellese & Krept Talk Business, Co-Parenting & Nala's Baby

Nala is our number one priority and when we broke up, we knew that [Nala’s Baby] wasn’t going to be something we let emotions get in the middle of. This is for Nala. In the next 10, 20, 25 years, whatever it is, we just wanted to make sure that no matter what happened between us two, we just wanted to make sure that we made Nala proud,” Sasha Ellese says.

When Krept of British rap duo Krept and Konan, 32, and content creator Sasha Ellese Gilbert, 26, announced they were having a baby, Black Twitter was ecstatic for them. Then in June 2020, Sasha gave birth to one of the internet’s favourite toddlers, Nala Johnson. It was then to everyone’s surprise that in February 2021, Sasha and Krept, real name Casyo Johnson, announced they were splitting up just eight months after welcoming baby Nala.