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Reni K Amayo Talks Self-Publishing, Sisterhood & Writing Her First Novel over Five Years

It’s rare to find dazzling creativity and keen business acumen in the same person. But after meeting Reni K Amayo, it’s clear to see that she is the full package. The British-Nigerian author is set to launch her thrilling debut novel Daughters of Nri this summer, and we can’t wait. 

A fantasy story set in the magical kingdom of Nri in West Africa, it follows twin sisters separated at birth and unaware of their heritage as goddesses. The story is steeped in Igbo mythological traditions, unashamedly centres black girls and is packed with magic and adventure. But although the story deals with conflicts, they don’t stem from racism. As black women, it’s hard to find a book that centres our stories, but doesn’t focus on racialised violence. It’s exciting to come across a story that offers escapism for black girls in the truest sense of the word.