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Ownbrown Lingerie Founder: "I Want To Offer Brown Skin Women The Opportunity To Wear What They Want"

Switzerland based Nadine Ndjoko-Peisker is a lawyer that followed her passion and became a hosiery and lingerie designer, by founding her line Ownbrown. She wants black women, and other women of colour to feel fabulous in the skin that they are in. Nadine aids this goal by providing them with high-quality tights and is currently crowdfunding to extend the beautiful line of Ownbrown lingerie that will have you looking and feeling great.

BB: Nadine, tell us a bit about yourself. What did you do before starting Ownbrown?

NNP: I am a lawyer converted into a “hosiery and lingerie designer”. When I was young I wanted to be a fashion designer. However, I went along with my African parents’ dreams of a career that was respectable and stable. Today, I feel ready and free to pursue my own dream with my own voice.

I’m driven by the love of freedom, the freedom to be and have the right things done. Nude hosiery and lingerie are ways of bringing more freedom to women of colour. I want to offer brown skin women the opportunity to wear what they want, whenever they want. This is what we call the freedom to be the ''best version of the person you are''.