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Oloni On ‘The Big O’, Forging Her Own Path & The Things We Still Can’t Talk About Openly

How would you define ‘gone clear’?

Perhaps it’s being namechecked by rappers, or being featured as an expert in Saweetie’s Netflix sex-positive series, Sex: Unzipped? Or it might be being an award-winning presenter in your own right or writing a book that will be seen as The Book by generations of women looking for a sexual education that informs, affirms and centres their own pleasure in a sea of misinformation and misogyny?

Well, if you’re Oloni – the sex and relationship educator, influencer and social media staple who gets the timeline in a tizzy as soon as she tweets, “Ladies…” – it could be all of that and more. But a week after the publication of her debut book, The Big O, our fave is as humble as ever.