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Meet The Black British Women Who Identify As Transracial

The term ‘transracial’ has been discussed to death over the past year or so, though not in its traditional context. 

Largely inspired by the 2017 re-emergence of one pseudo-racebending, National Geographic-inspired opportunist who shall not be named, conversations about the fact that being transracial “isn’t a thing” have grown more frequent in recent months, much to the frustration of those to which the term originally applied -  people adopted into families of a different race.

Transracial adoption began to take off in Britain in the postwar era, when mass migration of citizens from the commonwealth, affected dramatic change in the racial-makeup of Britain. No different from other facets of society that chastised people of colour at the time, the 1950s-60s British social care system was similarly ill-equipped when it came to recognising the needs of children of colour.