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“This Isn’t The Book People Expected Me To Write” – But Kelechi Okafor Has Written The Book Our Modern Age Needs

Kelechi Okafor is a name we have all come to know, as she regularly graces our feeds with very timely and apt social commentary. The powerhouse never shies away from addressing social ills in her hard-hitting, humorous but truthful way – and a lot of people do not know how to deal with it.

Regardless, as a multifaceted Black woman, namely an actor, a presenter, host of her own podcast Say Your Mind, and now published author, Okafor has clearly mastered her ability to reach people with her words across mediums. So, it is no surprise that she adds a collection of short stories, Edge of Here, to these accolades.

Edge of Here is new ground for Kelechi to relate to people in a way she has not done so before, and is also an invitation to explore Black womanhood here, now and in the future through the edge of technological advances. This is why I was so excited to speak to her for Black Ballad about her book and the way it imagines these new, exciting realities for Black girls and women centred within the future of tech.