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Izzy Bizu On Reconnecting With Her Ethiopian Roots, Creating Freely & Defining Her Success

At a crossroads between Ethiopia and Manchester, sits Izzy Bizu. A 28-year-old singer-songwriter living in South West London, bouncing around and experimenting with contrasting sounds whilst inherently creating the music she loves.

After a holiday-turned-relocation to Bahrain when she was seven, Izzy began writing poetry to reflect and process the feelings of missing her family, later turning her pen to music. From Marvin Gaye and Amy Winehouse to Leonard Cohen and Queen – Izzy takes influence from an array of artists, something which is reflected in how she categorises her music, dispelling any beliefs that black women can only exist within certain genres:

“I just want to say how I feel. I want to have the freedom to do what I want to do. People just think that you're only allowed to do one thing in your life. I believe in having freedom and being liberated to do what you want. Just being vulnerable and open about who you are is the best way. And I’m not a simple person, so I guess that comes across in the music.”