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“I’ve Never Felt More Powerful Babe”: Heather Agyepong On Imposter Syndrome & Playing ‘Ndudi’ In ‘The Power’

Even in a “golden age” of diversity, our anger as Black women is still weaponised against us. It’s rare to watch something that respects our humanity and accurately shows how nuanced we are, so watching Amazon Prime's The Power was a sigh of relief. For one of the first times, I watched a show that not only included darker skinned Black women, but allowed us to be as flawed, emotional and multi-faceted as our non Black counterparts. 

One of these characters is Ndudi, a young Nigerian woman whose love for her community is reflected in her work as a journalistic photographer. Played by multi-disciplinary artist Heather Agyepong, we spoke about mental health, her artistic journey, and how playing Ndudi has improved how she moves through the world.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.