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Skateboards, Surfboards & Ecotourism In Ghana

Eco-tourism is one of the eight pillars of Ghana Tourism Authority’s approach to promoting the country, pointing tourists to animal sanctuaries and natural wonders that aim to educate as well as inspire awe. As the Ghanaian government focuses on protecting natural habitats, preserving and promoting cultural heritage and prioritising the well-being of local communities – also known as sustainable tourism development – social enterprises like Surf Ghana and Skate Gal Club emerge.

Following the lack of visibility of African surfers, Sandy Alibo, the founder of both Surf Ghana and Skate Gal Club, built these projects as a change of narrative but also to ensure that locals take the lead and control perceptions of who they are and what they want. The goals of these NGOs encompass pushing towards borderless visibility, empowerment, equity and inclusivity within the board sports community and guaranteeing that people have easy access to equipment because, in action sports, the most significant difficulty is securing equipment for the community, specifically in Africa.