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“It Has Been A Long Time Coming”: ‘Riches’ Deborah Ayorinde On Black Excellence, Black Monoliths & Coming Full Circle

“Scammering for the black pound without using black people.”

A powerful opening line for the unapologetically black new drama series from ITVX, Riches

Where many have condemned and tore apart the looks of black women – from our lips to our hair – to now our features being accepted or even ‘gentrified’, Riches is a show that is exploring and appreciating black beauty in all its glory, from its cast to the plot.

A war breaks out in an unapologetically black family when the head of the house passes away unexpectedly and his first family are suddenly made aware of his second family. Written by Abby Ajayi, who has writing credits on Netflix showstoppers Inventing Anna and How To Get Away With Murder, Riches juxtaposes an older Nigerian generation and a new generation of black success, culture and entrepreneurs.