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Black Female Finance Experts On: Spending, Saving & Financial Freedom

Did you know that Black Britons spend an estimated £8.5 billion on beauty, fashion, travel & consumer goods? Or that we spend a further £900 million on media and entertainment? With so much choice in terms of things to do and experience and buy, over-consumption and over-spending can seem almost inevitable, leading to bad money habits. 

With constant pressure from family, friends, media and society in general to have mortgage deposits, pots of cash hidden away for a rainy day or have disposable cash to buy whatever takes your fancy, we could also do with some expert advice when it comes to our finances. So we spoke to three black female money experts for their top tricks and tips when it comes to making your money work for you... 

Ama Amo-Agyei is co-founder of financial podcast “Rice At Home” and says: 

Financial literacy will make or break the quality of your life, so the sooner you can adopt good financial habits, the better!” says Ama. “I realised I wanted a life of freedom not a life of restriction. So I'm doing everything in my power right now to create a lifestyle of freedom in my up and coming years.

“I measure financial success through freedom - if I can do whatever I want, help whomever I want and have whatever I want without any problems, that is financial success to me.

“I have an online business and online streams of income, I think everyone should do the same”.