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Three Questions, No Interview: How The Body Shop Is Pioneering A Ground-Breaking Approach To Hiring

We’re all familiar with the paradoxical ‘no experience, no job, no job, no experience’ convention that exists for budding job hunters. It’s a practice that frequently blocks young people, or people who desire a career move, from progressing on the employment ladder.

Then, if you do get to the interview stage on an entry-level role, often there’s a drawn out countless-step recruitment process that follows.

Factor in additional barriers, such as recruitment bias, and you have a system that continuously puts marginalised groups at an even further disadvantage. 

However, Antonia Tony-Fadipe, The Body Shop’s UK & Global Inclusive Hiring Lead, is driving an unconventional but innovative recruitment practice, called ‘Open Hiring’, where the first applicant is the first person to get the job. All they have to do is answer three, simple questions – no interview involved.