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What Happens When You Move Abroad For Love?

Love songs are full of it. Grandiose statements boldly professing to do anything, be anything or go anywhere in honour of their beloved. But how many of us, in the 'wise' words of the Backstreet Boys Anywhere For You (I know, I'm showing my age #DontJudgeMe) would actually go to these lengths?  

What would you do if love, romantic love, unexpectedly transported you to the other side of the world; transplanted into a strange and distant land, made to embrace a new culture, environment, people, way of life and possibly language, amongst other things?

I spoke to three women in various stages of this journey, who have made the decision to move from England to another country, even to another continent, in the name of love. Here are their stories in their own words...

Name: Haja Mitchell

Age: 30 years old (Partner Adam is 34)

Profession: Teachers Assistant

Heritage: Afro Caribbean (Jamaican)

Original place of residence: London, England 

Current country of residence: Queensland, Australia.