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Friday Night Drinks? I'll Pass Thanks

Remember in school when hanging out with the right crowd would get you into the right party? Or being friends with the class outcasts would almost guarantee not just being excluded from 'that party’, but you would also find yourself not being able to engage in ‘stimulating', but in hindsight, meaningless conversations with certain social groups? Or how staying in the good books of teachers could cut you some slack if you turned up ten minutes late to the classroom?

Our school life taught us the value of hanging around in the right crowds, but as adults have we improved, or at least, become more comfortable in the art of networking, now we've stepped on and up the career ladder? This may be a bitter, albeit very truthful pill to swallow, but with jobs so scarce in this difficult economic climate, hard work is not enough.

Getting that elusive permanent job is about clicking with the right people and getting that promotion is no different. It can simply boil down to how well you interact with your boss outside the office.

We've all been there- your boss and colleagues ask you out for a drink on Friday night and you have something better to do, or the pub isn't your idea of a great Friday night. Yet, you and I both know there are social and professional consequences of not making the effort and ultimately saying no.