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I Didn't Experience The Glo-Up... And I'm Ok With It

I watched my friend closely as she proceeded to fill in her eyebrows. It took her 20 minutes. Twenty full minutes. I swear I spent that length of time putting on my full face (by that I mean an amalgamation of various foundation shades that I blindly mixed together while hoping for the best, a flick of mascara that I knew would inevitably leave me with panda eyes and the same tired brown shade of lipstick. Sometimes I’ll throw on some lip liner too if I’m feeling a little fancy), do my hair and shove on my dress. My friend Viv and I were getting ready for a Christmas gala and I’ll admit that that was probably the fanciest I’d attempted to look throughout the whole of 2016. The key word being attempted. Viv, on the other hand, looked like a straight up spice that night. And those eyebrows that took so long? Well, they were most certainly poppin’.

I once tried filling in my eyebrows. It was absolutely tragic.