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4:44, Black Wealth & Building Trust: Why Should We Listen To JAY-Z?

This week I've been having flashbacks of the infamous 'Sway in the Morning' interview, but in my flashback Sway is JAY-Z and Kanye is me. I see myself shouting in a wave of frustration: “you ain't got the answers, Jay”.

These flashbacks were brought on by the social media storm that came with the release of JAY-Z's fourteenth studio album 4:44. When Jay dropped this album, Twitter lit up. 4:44 trending, peach coloured quote pictures retweeted for jokes. I saw people exalt that this album confirms Jay is the GOAT, how this is the wake up call 'black people' needed. There was genuine enthusiasm and openness amongst millennials on Twitter to have a conversation about the financial issues that run central to black culture. Also much criticism and/or homage was paid to Beyoncé for dealing with the infidelity that Jay hints to (or should I say admits to).