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The Ratchetry Of Reality TV

The statement I am about to make is not particularly original.  However, this does not impede the sense of urgency that compels me to state it and so, here it is: There is entirely too much ratchetry on reality television these days.

Despite this sorry fact, I am ashamed to say I have found myself inexplicably drawn to primarily black American reality shows for the past few years. Sure, I’ll say I’m watching whichever worthy highbrow drama HBO is currently promoting, but the fact remains that Don Draper has never held my attention in quite the same way that Nene Leakes and her ilk can. Lately though, I have found myself becoming ever more uncomfortable with the levels of “black on black crime” that appears to be the selling point of shows such as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Basketball Wives,” “Bad Girls Club” and “Love and Hip Hop.”