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Editor’s Letter: Why Strictly Come Dancing Is The Most Important Show on TV For Black Girls

Each month, there are so many issues, high points and unfortunately, problems to potentially cover in my Editor’s Letter. At times, I get scared that I may run out of things to say. Plus, I always have a slight panic attack that my Editor’s Letters may start to sound the same, as my main aim with this piece and with Black Ballad as a whole will never change: To tell the human experience through the eyes of mixed race and black British women.

But as we rolled into September, there was only one thing I wanted to write about in this Editor’s Letter. It wasn’t going to be Kanye’s ignorant fashion show that demonstrated colourism is still very much alive and kicking, or how Corbyn’s victory has finally made Labour a movement rather than a tic for tac opposition party. No, this Editor’s Letter is about one thing, and one thing only: Strictly Come Dancing.