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Black Panther Is A Strong Reminder To Have Black Pride

I remember watching Captain America: Civil War for the first time and seeing this beautiful, dark-skinned black woman from T’Challa’s all-female bodyguard service, walk up to Scarlett Johansson’s character with all the confidence and swag in the world, and give me what has since become my motto: “Move or you will be moved”. This simple yet badass moment was when I knew that Black Panther was going to be a film worth watching.

In the two year build-up to the release of the highly anticipated Marvel movie, African-Americans in particular,  have spent the majority of this time basking in the film’s blackness through their hashtags #BlackPantherSoLit, #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe and through their impeccable gif and meme usage. However, the best part about the last two years of excitement for me is without a doubt, witnessing Black British men, women and children get equally excited in our own way for a superhero movie where will finally see ourselves on screen.