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Words From The Wise: Black Women On Life After 50

When I turned 50, a number of things changed at the same time. First of all: I was alive! I cried at my 50th for my mother who had died when she was 47. For anyone who has lost their mother, they too may have found themselves ‘holding their breath’ as they approached the significant birthday after which their mother had passed on. But I have always lived a full life and after 50 I did more of being me.

I worried less about people’s ideas and perceptions. My age was an inspiration to do more rather than less. I published my book; I did a two day mountain climb in Malaysia; I travelled more. This year I recorded my first spoken word track (of which I plan to do more of) and have new projects that I am exploring. I am “living my life like it’s golden” because it absolutely is! And on top of that, I will be a grandmother in September.

I wanted to speak with other black women who lived in Kent – like me – about how they felt about life after turning 50.