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This Isn't The Brand I Started: Why I'm Saying Goodbye To Afrocenchix After 15 Years

The main promises were that the products would always be safe, ethical and effective, and the company would always treat people well. Despite many failings and complex conflicts, I was confident that these promises would be delivered. When the promises were threatened changes were always made. 

In 2022, I gave birth to twins who had significant health challenges. As a result of difficulties in my personal life, I was no longer able to lead Afrocenchix and, given the economic climate, the shareholders voted for a pre-pack sale.

A pre-pack sale is a pre-negotiated agreement where the entirety of a company’s assets and business is sold to a buyer before the company enters into the formal administration, or liquidation, process.

Under this new ownership it became apparent to me that there were different priorities. After a number of serious instances, I needed to leave October 2023.