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Why Google's New Privacy Policies Are Dangerous For Black People

Over the past few days, Google has sent its users a notice about a change to its terms of service now that the UK is leaving the European Union.

Google is planning to move its British users accounts out of the control of European Union privacy regulators, putting them under US jurisdiction instead.

British Google users are now required to acknowledge its new terms of service, including the new jurisdiction.

The shift will leave the sensitive personal information of tens of millions with less protection.

Award winning investigative journalist Carole Cadawalladr said on Twitter, "This is terrible. Google is taking advantage of Brexit to deprive us of our rights."

The EU protection rules, the General Data Protection Regulation, are among the most stringent in the world. Meanwhile, the US has among the weakest privacy protections of any major economy, with no broad law despite years of advocacy by consumer protection groups.

Google has amassed one of the largest stores of information about people on the planet, using the data to tailor services and sell advertising.

And we will see other US tech companies having to make similar choices in the coming months.