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Why Black Women Are Choosing To Be Child-Free

When are you going to have kids?” It's a question that many women face. Career, marriage, then children – that seems to be the expected order of things, right?

But a growing number of women are choosing not to have children, and while it was once a taboo topic, women are now openly discussing their decision to remain childfree.

Kaysha Thomas knew that she wanted to be childfree from a young age. Whenever she expressed her choice, people assumed that she would change her mind.

Kaysha was born in London to a 17-year-old single mother, and she recalls her mum as being emotionally distant. Looking back, she now understands that her mother was a young woman grappling with her struggles, losing her own mother – Kaysha’s grandmother – at 15. She also faced significant financial challenges as the family’s sole provider.