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Who Is The Black Luxury Movement Actually For?

“Welcome to rich black girl TikTok.”

Your day begins in a high-rise apartment. No one’s stressing you to get ready for work. Instead, you take your time getting ready, pick out a designer bag and spray Chanel – maybe even Killian, you know the one Rihanna wears? – perfume on your wrists. You stroll to Starbucks, maybe even go to Selfridges, or get a massage. If you want you could book a plane ticket to the Maldives but not Dubai, because everyone’s there nowadays.

Black Women in Luxury’ is the latest trend sweeping TikTok at the moment, promising ladies a life of leisure and luxury and an escape from being the strong, self-sufficient, overburdened black woman. Occasionally this movement overlaps with other TikTok sub-genres, like the femininity coaches, who also focus on wealth and empowerment.

By nature, luxury is exclusionary. Its limited accessibility is what drives it’s hype and the price point. The black girl luxury movement aims to make luxury more inclusive, because black women deserve luxury too obviously, but I wonder if it falls short.