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What The US Vice President's Visit Means For Black Brits

The Trump Administration has been publicly known to support and create policies that are outrightly considered to be a violation to human rights. With the demystification of our democracy and the current chaos that is UK politics, the last thing we need right now is a visit from the US Vice President, Mike Pence. It has been confirmed that the Vice President is expected to visit later this week and he will be here discussing trade, investment and strengthening the economic relationship between the two nations, especially in light of Brexit.

As October 31st – the Brexit deadline – draws closer, a No Deal Brexit could be a serious possibility, with Johnson vowing to force the UK out of the EU by any means necessary. Research has proven that a No Deal Brexit would harm the economy, cause severe disruption to travel and supplies of vital goods like food and medicine. A growing relationship with Trump and Pence’s America may lead to the opening up of the UK’s vital food and medicine markets, with parts of these services to be privately owned by businesses. We could be looking at the Americanisation of the UK.