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What Happens When Religion, Not Race, Is The Barrier In Your Relationship?

I’m in love with a white man. He’s my best friend. But our differences have separated us. Not because of race or culture. It’s my faith and his lack of.

I met Caleb* two years ago - a time when I never thought in a million years I could date a white man. We have a few mutual acquaintances, but somehow missed each other over several years, until an encounter on social media. Putting aside his good looks, it was clear after a few online exchanges that the chemistry was undeniable. From consistent keyboard messaging to seven-hour phone calls, the chemistry soon turned into something much more.

We live in different cities, so we have always relied on phone calls and WhatsApp. The constant communication wasn’t to keep the fire burning, it was because we genuinely enjoyed talking to each other. Years on and it’s still like this ‘till this very day. We never run out of things to say. What do we talk about? Philosophy, history, religion, politics, race, social media, love, sex, magic. Did I mention Love Island?