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The Government's Mishandling Of Covid-19 Has Cost Us A Lot

I am honest enough to admit when I have played myself and ‘taken an L’, and I played myself extremely hard with the coronavirus lockdown. “Staying indoors? Lightwork. That’s how I live anyway!” So young, so innocent...

I truly did not think I would have any issues as I’m a homebody and don’t tend to go out that much. So, besides working from home, it should have pretty much been the same, right? Wrong.

At first, it wasn’t too bad, I managed to figure out a routine and it was working for me. Then it got a little harder. The days were starting to feel a bit too long and the content on TikTok’s ‘For You Page’ wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

Then it got very hard. I don’t know if it was the fact someone in my house got the virus, work was a rollercoaster or I had just had enough – but regardless, I hit a wall.