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The Black Experience and The Remnants Of The Troubles In Today’s Northern Ireland

I’m 27 years old, Zambian and British. I grew up in Sheffield with a younger brother who is my best friend and I was the first to go to university in my immediate family. In 2016, I moved to Northern Ireland to join my parents. At that time, my dad was battling cancer and I was nearing the end of my undergraduate course at university. I thought I’d spend my final year studying in Northern Ireland, reconnecting with my dad and making memories, with a solid plan of returning back to England. Little did I know, I’d fall in love with an Irish man named Séan and buy my first home just outside of Belfast!

What I knew about Northern Ireland was not learnt in a history textbook throughout school. I went through school learning about British history but the one thing they never covered really was Northern Irish history. We all learnt about the potato famine, but when I thought about it, did I know much more?