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Skin Bleaching And The Never Changing Standard Of Beauty

It was day two of my trip to Nigeria and I was beginning to adjust to the sweltering heat. The roads were heaving with people as our driver slowly weaved through the crazy Naija traffic. This was my first time back in Nigeria in 16 years.

We were on our way to a market in Amuwo-odofin, Lagos and my eyes remained fixed on my surroundings as I desperately tried to make a mental note of this new environment. As we drew nearer to the market entrance, I spotted a sight I’d never come across in the UK. In front of us stood a huge billboard and on it was a pale woman smiling sweetly. At first glance, it’s unlikely that many would have known she was African, only upon closer inspection did her features give away her blackness. Next to her was a cream and underneath read a simple slogan promising smoother, better skin. Nowhere was it written that this was a skin lightening product, but immediately, I knew it was just that.