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Navigating The Dating Scene As A Socially Conscious Black Woman

This week I’ve been thinking about my current dating pool (I’m sure you can all guess why dating was particularly on my mind). In my few years of dating as what I would call a ‘socially conscious black woman’, I have met some really lovely men. But, I have also met the complete opposite.

My dating pool often feels like a dating puddle, as my options can be incredibly limited when hyper-conscious to homophobic men, misogynists, rape apologists, racially unaware men, emotionally unavailable men and more.

On a first date, most women can feel butterflies in their stomachs due to excitement and intrigue. For me, I can feel more of a dull ache just anticipating the moment my date will say or do something problematic. This completely takes out the fun of dating for me, as my expectations tend to be quite low and not without a good reason.