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More Than A Summer Trend: On The Re-Emergence Of Locs As A Beauty Staple In Popular Culture

If you asked your elder’s opinion of dreadlocks, you may find that older, traditional generations deemed the hairstyle ‘rough looking’ because of their conservatism. One of the greatest myths is that locs damage your natural hair, however this is not true. It is the use of improper methods or pulling your hair too tightly that will cause damage to it. Instead of potential hair loss, dreads provide the opposite effect, as a protective hairstyle to grow and strengthen your crown when cared for correctly.

Black celebrities in the past have made locs increasingly popular. If you ask someone about dreadlocks on a celebrity, the first person to mind may be Bob Marley and the Caribbean influence around the style. Once this style was brought into the mainstream, notably famous black women also made it their signature, from Whoopi Goldberg to Lauryn Hill to Erykah Badu, firmly securing its place in popular culture.