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Meet Nabyla and Jasmina Serag of Sirens of Lesbos, Switzerland's Eclectic Music Collective

Sisters Nabyla and Jasmina Serag have been making waves in the music industry. Hailing from Switzerland, the duo make up two-fifths of Sirens of Lesbos, a music collective who are blending sounds and styles from various genres to create their own unique sound. Their latest single, "Run Run Run," accompanied by visuals that portray a late 80s aesthetic, is a testament to their commitment to creating music that is true to their vision. 

The sisters describe their music as eclectic and supernatural, with a sound that has evolved from their first album to their latest release. "The first album was more just learning," says Nabyla. "The second one was like really getting a lot out of it because we could just work and be together in the studio and have fun. And I also think it translates to the songs."

Jasmina and Nabyla's close relationship has provided them with a unique advantage when it comes to creating music together. According to Jasmina, "We are lucky enough to understand each other's aesthetics. So that it never goes into a direction where I'm like, 'What the–? What is she doing?' I always kind of get it."