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London To Plymouth: Finding Myself, My Creativity & A Life I Love In The South West

“What do you want from life?” The million dollar question that one day I found myself writing in my journal. Is this a luxurious question that women have a right to ask these days? I think it’s important that we do. Here’s a story of discovering identity and how it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

My mother was born in Jamaica, moving to England when she was seven. My father was raised in Paddington, dual heritage himself, but most would call him English. Having spent my teenage years living in the city of Plymouth, I have always struggled to find where I belong. My dual heritage has always been a cause for celebration but not one which was understood by many living in my city.

I have felt the most freedom whilst living and working in London as an interior designer for the English heritage brand Laura Ashley. I may have been one of only a few black faces, which I was no stranger to, but everywhere I looked in London, there were people who looked like me.

It was in London where I finally learned to embrace my natural curly hair, an empowering experience, which I still maintain today. I started on the journey of finding myself and living life authentically.