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'Insecure' Reminds Us How Painful It Is When Friendships Break Down

I’ve been fortunate enough to have minimal friendship drama over the years. While my circle is small, it is filled with people who play a significant role in my life, as I do in theirs. However, I’m sure we’ve all felt this way about friendships at one stage or another – even with friendships which now cease to exist. 

Friendships, like relationships, need to be nurtured, worked on and require all participants to actively engage in one another’s lives, a lesson I learnt in my early twenties as I experienced the turmoils of the friendship break-up – arguably the most tragic break-up of all.

There’s something about female friendships and that safe space between women who share genuine love, kinship, growth and much more. The idea of that sisterhood fading into nothing more than distant Snapchat memories and old Instagram posts has always been a bitter pill for me to swallow and those emotions came rushing back while watching the latest season of HBO comedy-drama ‘Insecure’.

The show has become staple viewing for many black women around the world as they check into the lives of Issa Dee and her best friend Molly Carter. While the show has given viewers an insight into their love lives, familial dynamics and careers, the most recent season is exploring their own relationship as best friends. As they grow in different areas in their lives,  from Molly’s relationship with new boyfriend Andrew to Issa putting her career aspirations first, their once beautiful friendship is disintegrating before our very eyes.