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Natasha Rothwell On Finding Your Stride In Your 30s, Bringing Kelli To Life & What’s Next After ‘Insecure’

Black Ballad: Thank you so much Natasha for joining us this morning. Are you in the UK or stateside?

Natasha: I’m in London right now 

Black Ballad: Cool, 'cause I was thinking of the time difference but I'll just hop right into it.

So we’ve just finished watching episode three of this season and are you surprised by the memes? Are you surprised by people using that, you know, epic phrase ["Everyone I associate with is thriving, in abundance, limitless!"]

Natasha: (laughs) No, actually I feel like the fans of the show at this point have been very clear about what they love. So I do see the conversations going on about it and it's exciting. Final season is here.