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How Black Women In The Public Eye Manage Their Mental Health

It is no secret that black women face scrutiny for breathing. Last year, we saw Nella Rose face scrutiny on I’m A Celeb... despite Nigel Farage being right there and it only fuelled conversations on how black women in the public arena, no matter their career, are treated and the effect on our mental health and wellbeing.

Actress Ruby Barker, known for her portrayal of Miss Marina Thompson in Netflix’s Bridgerton, has been vocal about her experiences with mental health, and being a mixed race black actress who was thrust into the spotlight. She told the Evening Standard, “It pissed a lot of viewers off because she did break boundaries and people’s perceptions – a lot of people couldn’t handle it. They need to look in the mirror and ask what about that makes them so angry?”

During another interview on Oxford University’s The LOAF Podcast, Ruby revealed, “Not a single person from Netflix, not a single person from Shondaland – since I have had two psychotic breaks from that show – have even contacted me or even emailed me to ask me if I’m okay or if I would benefit from any sort of aftercare or support.”