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Founder's Letter: Tell Dea-John Reid's Parents That Britain Isn't Institutionally Racist

I would like to say thank you so much to everyone who read and shared the newsletter last week, but a huge thank you to everyone who have invested and bought shares in Black Ballad. While there is still time to invest, please do know that if we don’t reach our minimum target of £250,000 we won’t be able to keep any of the money that we have raised, so please do invest in us, so we can continue the work that we’ve been doing for the last seven years. Telling the stories of black women, your stories, paying them their worth and ultimately creating the lifestyle experience you deserve.

I’m going to be honest, this newsletter this week isn’t about being well written and it may not be as long as others, because once again, this is a newsletter that I don’t want to write, one that I have written before. However, I know the responsibility this platform has and this newsletter can’t be about anything else than the murder of Dea-John Reid. While this may not be the subject your want to end your week on, or start your week with, I have sat thinking about this child since I heard about his brutal death.