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Founder's Letter: Simone Biles' GOAT Leotard Teaches Black Women To Own Their Greatness

Be humble. No, I’m not talking about the Kendrick song, but being humble, having humility is something that is drummed into girls from the moment we can utter our first full sentences. It goes beyond being polite, saying please and thank you. When it comes to being humble, it often feels like we aren’t allowed to acknowledge our greatness. That when someone compliments us, we aren’t allowed to follow up that thank you, with: “yes, I’ve deserved that because I’ve worked hard to achieve it.” In a professional capacity especially, knowing that you’ve done a great job, or that you are the best in your field as a woman, you are expected to barely acknowledge your greatness because if you do, if you own how great you are, you become unlikable, overconfident and cocky. Now if you are a black woman who owns her professional achievements, you might get called a Bitch, who some colleagues wanting to add the word, black, in front of it.