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Founder's Letter: Lets Not Repeat Black Squares With Palestine

This newsletter could end and begin with two words: Free Palestine. Like many of you, I've seen the images, headlines and stories of the brutal violence, which should only be described as an ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homes. Watching the videos that are rightly flooding all social timelines, I don’t think there are words to capture how heartbreaking it is to watch people, children, trying to run as fast as they can from this violence.

In all honesty, my knowledge of what has taken place in Palestine has always been around surface level and the past week or so has proven to me how much more work I need to do in order to understand what is going and how I can actively help. My knowledge of what is happening in the Sheikh Jarrah region has deepened over the last days and it has been a reminder that when such conflict, terrorism and devastation is happening, Western news can’t be our only or main source of information.