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Founder's Letter: Jada's Backlash On The Oscars Slap Shows Why We Need To Parent Our Boys Intentionally

Trigger warning: this article briefly mentions rape and sexual assault 


It has been a while. 

Months in fact. The last time I wrote this letter my son was days old, my daughter was barely a toddler and Black Ballad was a team of six. Now I have a two year old (which is still a toddler age), my son is fast approaching the six month mark and Black Ballad is now a team of nine. As Kelly from Insecure would say - “growth”. Yet, no matter how much growth I go through or how my life changes, this newsletter and talking to you Black women, always feels like an anchor. I have used this letter to share my most intimate thoughts and make sense of the world. 

While on maternity leave, I spent a lot of time reflecting and thinking. One of the things that regularly crossed my mind was the responsibility of parenting and making intentional parenting choices that will help my children not only navigate a world that is unkind to them, but succeed in it and succeed on their own terms, as that is a fundamental key to happiness.