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Founder's Letter: It Should Be OK To Criticise Beyoncè, Black Art Or Anything Black

On Tuesday morning, I opened my phone, checked my emails, checked Slack for work messages and then opened up Instagram. The first thing I saw? The pictures of The Carters posing for Tiffany & Co in their About Love campaign. I’ll be honest, as someone that has loved Destiny’s Child and by extension Beyoncè since the With Me video (real ones will remember Beyoncè as a mermaid in that video), one of the things I’ve admired about her beyond the music is the intense privacy and protection she has over her private life. So I was astonished that her and Jay Z decided to do any type of advert together even after 13 years of marriage and three kids.

Like many, I aimlessly pressed the heart emoji on Instagram on the pictures from the Tiffany & Co campaign. Later on in the day, I read more about the campaign and saw that Beyoncé was the first black woman to wear a Tiffany’s yellow diamond that was discovered in South Africa and that the Carters were posing in front of a never before seen Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. The critique of these decisions became discussion points across social media - there were think pieces and even Tina Knowles leapt into the conversation to defend her daughter.