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Founder's Letter: I Agree - I’m Tired Of Being Called Resilient

It's no secret that I often write this newsletter on a Sunday morning or even on Sunday evening, a few hours before it lands in your inbox. I often leave this newsletter to “last minute” for two reasons, the week is hectic and I like to take stock on the week. With Saturday being my day off, I like to have some time away from work and the internet to think about the week that has passed. While reflecting on the week on a Saturday evening or Sunday morning, it is usually then when what I am going to write about comes to mind. 

However this week, I knew what I was going to write about before the weekend even began, as I read something that truly and deeply resonated with me. I was scrolling on Twitter as you do and I saw a tweet by Zandashe and she tweeted: “I dream of never being called resilient again in my life.” There was more to the tweet. In fact, there was an entire thread, but that line was enough.