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Founder's Letter: Everything Feels Insignificant While The World Is On Fire

I said on social media a few days ago, that everything in life feels so trivial. When you see images and hear the fear in the voices of those living in Palestine, I don’t think there is a word to quite describe the feelings of guilt and privilege that we all have and anyone with decency must feel.

I want to encourage everyone to say it is alright to say what we see and in this case what we don’t see and what we will never know. No loss of life Jewish or Palestinian is right, but this is not a war between equals. The people of Palestine have no access to water, medical care and attention, or electricity and none of us can say that is right.

I have been inspired so many people, in particular black women I follow, who have been, dare I say brave, or at the very least bold in their continued efforts to encourage us all to speak up or in some cases speak for the children, women and men who have lost their homes and in many cases, their loved ones in the atrocities they have experienced.