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Founder's Letter: America Isn’t The “World’s Greatest Nation” & Britain Isn’t Much Better

I know some of you know this, but the reason I started Black Ballad is because of my degree. I won’t bore you with too many details, but I did American Studies. I took every module that had something to do race and the African American presence in America. My dissertation and all my final year essays and presentations had something to do with race and in most cases, how certain issues in America affected black women.

I guess when studying, I felt jealousy about how far America seemed in term of the conversation of race and how black women fit into that conversation compared to the race conversation here in 2008, which felt non-existent.

Yet of course, race wasn’t the only thing my course covered. The ruling of Roe vs Wade came up in one of my classes and more than once I’m sure. So it feels quite surreal that over a decade ago, I was sitting in a classroom discussing the impact and importance of the Roe vs Wade ruling, only for it now to be overturned.