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Excuse Me, Your Misogyny Disguised As Pro-Blackness Is Showing

Generally, as a society, we are not great at discussing gender dynamics and sexism. This is particularly true online. But there is something transparent in the black community, disguised as pro-blackness, that goes on.

Recently, a few incidents played out – Jonathan Majors, who had been the internet’s newest boyfriend, was accused of assaulting a woman in a domestic dispute and was subsequently arrested by police. Then, not long after, actor and producer Noel Clarke did a bizarre interview with Zeze Millz in which he claimed the 20 allegations of misconduct against him in 2021 were false and that they were “lying”

Prior to these incidents, Jonathan Majors was mocked for weeks by black men for ‘emasculating’ himself in his Valentine's themed Ebony photoshoot, with many men decrying the emasculation of black men by his adoring black female fans. 

Toxic masculinity is what comes about when men are held to odd arbitrary standards of what masculinity supposedly is. You can’t wear pink and can’t support your wife or partner; she must support you.

I do not know what Majors or Clarke did or did not do, but what I observed was a sudden outpouring of support, primarily from men, when they were accused of being abusive towards women.