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Editor's Letter: Why I Won’t Be Doing Black Ballad For The Rest Of My Life

As we enter Black History Month, I have mixed feelings towards October and this nation. This country does not do enough to tell the stories of black Britons - a full and truthful version that includes colonialism, the colonies’ contribution to the war efforts, slavery and you know, all the things that Britain carefully and masterfully leaves out of textbooks. Furthermore, I feel sickened by the fact that members of  the Windrush generation have been refused citizenship. 

What are we celebrating if a group of people who came over here to build industries such as the health and transport services are not acknowledged as citizens? It is interesting because I cast my mind back to the 2012 opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and the standout moment for me is the Windrush scene, when those on the Olympic committee hired black actors to wear beige and brown suits and dresses, trilby hats and suitcases to re-create scenes of the black people who came to Tilbury Docks in 1948.