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Editor's Letter: Theresa May Will Never Be My Feminist Icon

Politics. It is without doubt a messy business. The past few years have seen our world shift in political ways some of us may never would’ve imagined. Going back to 2016, when our country made the decision to exit the European Union, many were stunned by the fact that we were leaving the EU. While I am not here to discuss the decision that our country has made, the aftermath has left our country in a state of flux. 

From my Twitter timeline, to the array of Facebook posts from friends and family, to WhatsApp conversations with best friends and of course, the news, there is no getting away from Brexit. In the last few weeks, Brexit has been on everyone’s minds, with much attention being paid to our Prime Minister. I have read articles that have celebrated her ability to navigate Parliament during a time where nobody wants her job. I’ve even seen tweets that have called her “Queen” for her ability to bat off critiques about the way she has handled Brexit negotiations. Some in the British feminist movement has held up May as their darling and asked us all to celebrate her for cleaning up a mess caused by men in grey suits.